NCCU-iHouse Accommodation Application Outcome - FALL Semester 2024

UPDATE on June 20: Approval emails for the first round of waitlisted students have been sent on June 20. Please check your email to see if you have received it and follow the instructions to secure your spot.

  1. All applicants should have received an email from the NCCU-iHouse team sent on May 27th, 2024. For the list of selected and waitlisted applicants, please refer to attachment 1. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE EMAIL, YOU CAN ALSO CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS ON THE NCCU-IHOUSE WEBSITE. PLEASE CLICK "APPLICATION STATUS" ON THE HOME PAGE AND ENTER YOUR NAME AND EMAIL. FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHMENT 4.

  2. Selected applicants must follow the instructions stated in the email, complete the online accommodation confirmation procedure, and pay the deposit before the deadline. Please note that the reservation will be canceled, and your room will be released to those on the waiting list if you fail to pay the deposit on time.

  3. All the selected applicants are required read and abide the attached Payment Information and Refund Guidelines and the Enforcement Rules of NCCU-iHouse: Students' Area carefully.

  4. Please contact Sue via email( or phone(2939-3091#62503) if you have any questions.


  1. 所有申請人會在2024年5月27日收到申請結果信件,正取及備取名單詳見附件1。

  2. 正取者請依信件內容於期限內上網完成入住確認程序並繳交訂金(可線上繳費或至櫃台繳交)。未依期限繳付者,一律釋出為候補床位。

  3. 正取者務必詳讀國際會館學生區收費標準暨付款說明以及國際學人暨學生會館區管理要點施行細則,詳見附件2及附件3。

  4. 如有疑問,請洽本案聯絡人:藍小姐(分機:62503;。